Computer Art

I experienced many artforms in my B.A. Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts Major at UCSD, and until now, my favorites are Virtual Reality and Video Making.

UI/UX Design

I am fairly new to the UI/UX Design Process, but I am growing everyday and learning a lot of great things from very talented and inspired people.

Web Design

This website is my first time trying to make my own website with coding. I used HTML, CSS, PHP. Before this, I only made websites through Wix and Wordpress.

Hi There

I am Hanhui

My name is Hanhui Lou, but you can call me Adalyn if you want. I'm an experimental designer based in sunny San Diego, California. I am very open to change. I grew up in Guangzhou, China; However, I moved quite a bit in my life and I am certainly no guest to the uncertainties in life. I love exploring new spaces. I would characterize myself as an adventurer, always seeking new thrills and experiences in life, wherever I go. To make this website more personal and fun, I am planning on designing an interactive map marking places I have been to and are anticipating to go to, and share my travel experiences and preparations for future trips.


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Welcome to my website